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Montego Bay: A Photography Guide to Jamaica’s Jewel

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With Bob Marley: One Love out in theatres right now, Jamaica is getting the best publicity since, well, since Bob Marley was jamming back in the 1980s.

Already, Jamaica is the third most popular place to visit for Americans – falling behind the Dominican Republic and London, according to the travel website LoveExploring – and with the Bob Marley movie already raking in nearly $180 million at the box office, there’s bound to be even more travelling to its white, sandy shores. A few of them might even be photographers. Which is why we thought we’d take the opportunity to prepare you before you go.

If you’re one of the Bob Marley: One Love audience members who have been inspired for their next vacation – and you’d like to upload some photos to our photo book maker that rival the cinematography of the big screen – then we’ve listed out the best things to photograph while you’re there. 

Because Jamaica is quite big – the third biggest island in the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean – we’re going to focus on the most popular spot for US tourists: Montego Bay. So strap in, get the camera ready, and let’s jam. 

Explore Cornwall Beach

Montego Bay – the capital of Saint James Parish – is located on the north coast, which means there are plenty of beaches for tourists to snap a picture or two. One of the best, however, has to be Cornwall Beach, which is located around a mile northwest of downtown. 

This is a perfect place to visit and snap that quintessential ‘Jamaican’ shot, with the sea, the sand, and the palm trees all in one frame. You have to pay for a day pass to experience this place, but with snorkelling and a glass-bottom boat tour also available, we’d say that it’s worth it. 

Discover Doctor’s Cave Beach

If you’d rather not pay for your beach experience, Doctor’s Cave Beach is adjacent to Cornwall Beach, and it’s just as popular for photographers looking for that perfect snap. 

At 5 miles long, there are so many spots to position yourself and take some gorgeous landscape beach shots – just make sure you read this helpful masterclass on beach photography before you do; it’s short, concise, and can give you some much-needed pointers. We’d specifically recommend heading down to catch the sunset. With the red sun glistening upon the waves and the water glowing deep turquoise, there really isn’t a better time to capture the magic of Jamaica.

Take Some Atmospheric Photos at Rose Hall

People don’t often use ‘creepy’ and ‘Jamaica’ in the same sentence, but actually, there are loads of places in Jamaica that have a deep, dark history, and some spine-tingling stories to boot. One of these places is Rose Hall Great House, which is beloved for its Georgian architecture and grandiose design. 

According to legend, this house is haunted by Annie Palmer, the ‘White Witch’, who was prone to practice witchcraft on locals. For those who love taking atmospheric photos, but want a haunted location with a twist, then what better place to visit than a haunted house placed right in the centre of a bright, tropical island?

Photograph the Luminous Lagoon

Speaking of photographs with a twist, if you want something truly magical for your photo book, then you have to take the tour of the Luminous Lagoon. This is a bioluminescent lagoon in Montego Bay, one of the most popular in the country, which glows with incredible blue lights when the moon shines down on it. 

While it’s a beautiful thing to catch on camera, it should be noted that the phenomenon can only really be captured by a high-quality lens. The latest iPhone, for instance, will pick it up marvellously, but if you’re still stuck on the iPhone 11, then you might find it a little harder. Remember, though, there are different settings that can help you out, including night mode on the latest iPhone models.

Fall in Love at Mount Zion

Lastly, one of the best things about Montego Bay is that it’s so close to many of Bob Marley’s old haunts. In our opinion, a must-visit for Marley fans is Mount Zion, which lies around two miles from Montego Bay. 

It was here that Marley used to come to meditate and forget about the troubles of the world for a few moments, and it’s now a buzzing tourist hotspot for music fans. For photographers, too, the Mount Zion trail offers a beautiful hike full of awesome scenery, ocean views, tropical forests, and amazing wildlife. Most importantly, however, it offers the spirit of Bob Marley, wrapped up in the wind. What better way to fall in love with Jamaica than to walk in the footsteps of the great man himself?


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