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Tips for Creating a Square Photo Book

A lot of photo book lovers are trying out our new square photo book. Click here to find out what makes it so good and what you can use it for.

Why Are Photo Books Seeing A Vinyl-Esque Revival?

Just like vinyl records, photo books are getting more and more popular. Click here to find out why and what the similarities are between both.

How To Make The Perfect Summer Photo Book

Summer is upon us and it’s time to get the camera out. Click here to find out how to take the best pictures for the perfect summer photo book.

What Photos To Include In The Ultimate Coffee Table Photo Book

The coffee table is one of the best places to display your photo book. Click here to find out why and what pictures you should include.

How To Make A Maternity Photo Book

Pregnancy is difficult but also an incredibly special time. Click here to find out how you can document it with a beautiful maternity photo book.

7 Reasons Why Photo Books Are so Worth it – Even if You’re Always on Your Phone

The digital world is quickly taking over. Click here to find out why it is an important time to savour what photo books have to offer.

The Best Moments For Any Photo Book: Friends

There are many moments in life that are integral to capture for a photo book. Here some examples.

The Best Moments for Any Photo Book: Childhood

Our lives go by so slowly but so fast at the same time. Click here to read the first part of our series covering the moments you endeavour not to miss.

How To Create The Perfect Photo Book

It can be a fun and fulfilling experience to create the perfect photo book. Find out how to do it.

How to Select the Perfect Photo Book Maker for You?

How to Select the Perfect Photo Book Maker for You? Making photo books is a popular way to preserve memories and share them with friends and famil...

Why Photo Memory Books are Important for Our Children

Learn more about the significance a set of photobooks can have for your kids

How to print Facebook posts

We know what you're thinking: It's time to get beyond digital.

How to make a yearbook online?

The best way to make a unique yearbook online!

30% OFF Photobook Coupon - Exclusive My Social Book Coupons & Promo Codes

Exclusive My Social Book photo book coupons & promo code. Order today to get your 30% off discount!

Tips before turning your social media record into your life book with My Social Book

Now that the holiday season is almost over you can use some of this positive energy

Why Creating a “Complete” Yearbook Matters

Half of the year passed, so time to start making your Yearbook


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