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Introducing the easiest way to turn your digital memories into a beautiful, tangible keepsake

The Google Photos Book!

Are you tired of having thousands of photos sitting on your phone or computer, rarely seeing the light of day? Do you want a way to showcase your favorite memories in a way that's both stunning and convenient to share with others? Look no further than the Google Photos Photo Book!
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Effortless Full Automatic Photo Book Editor

With our automatic photo book editor, you no longer have to spend hours manually designing and arranging each page. Our software takes care of all the hard work for you, creating a photo booklayout that's both aesthetically pleasing and personalized to your unique style.

Plus, with the ability to print up to 450 pages (2000 to 3000 photos), you can easily archive your entire Google Photos library in one click, without having to spend countless hours selecting specific photos.

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Personalize your album

Cover Design

Choose from a range of layouts and add text to personalize in one click. Upload your photos on the cover.

Your Favorite Color

All the rainbow’s colors and shades; pretty pastels to bold statement colors

Cover options

Softcover and hardcover as well as glossy and matte finish options.

Google Photos Albums vs. Photo Book

Google Photos Albums are a simple way to arrange your photos on your Google Photos library. You can arrange by the available presets (such as places, things, and collages) or you can create your own for occasions, people or years to help you organize your photos and make them easier to find. The difference between Google photo albums and photo books is that a photo book is a physical book you can print and keep – an album is just Google’s name for a fancy folder stored online. Photo books are a great way to transform these albums into a real book you can keep on your coffee table or share with loved ones.

As Google Photos is a free service that can be synced with your phone, tablet, or laptop you probably have countless photos on your account just sitting there, doing nothing. How do you choose which ones to print? The great thing about My Social Book is that you don’t need to choose nor order every single photo, or image to put in your book - our algorithm arranges your photo book for you. If you have a specific set of photos in mind to create your photo book, then you can simply select the Google Photo album you want to use and watch as the pages fill with your memories. Don’t like some of the photos included? That’s ok, there is the option to delete any photos you’d rather didn’t appear in your photo book.

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What's the paper quality like?

Do you want a premium-quality book? Look no further. We work with half-glossy paper, which are perfect for photos or illustrations that need a little extra shine. You'll get 80 pounds (120 grams) silk sheets that are just thick enough for a premium-look finishing (and it helps make the books last longer too!). These photo books are made to last!

We are also proud to say that the spine of your book will be bound using the best technologies available. For quality reasons, Google photo album printing are limited to 450 pages. If you have a lot of content and feel like 450 pages won't be enough, we recommend you split your album in different volumes.

What is a Google Photos book?

A Google Photos book is physical album created using the photos from an existing album of your Google Photos Library. It can tell the story of your life, a specific occasion, or a special person.
Photo books have replaced traditional photo albums as the new physical way to display and keep all the digital photos you’ve created. Instead of printing individual photos, online software can make custom photo books.
The best photo book is one filled with amazing memories, which is why Google Photos is a great place to select photos from, as Google’s generous free storage lets you store hundreds of thousands of photos. You’ll have plenty to choose from!
My Social Book makes things easy; no need to spend hours choosing photos and uploading them in the order you want.
1. Click to connect your Google Photos account to My Social Book via your phone, desktop, google photos for MacBook, or whatever device you prefer
2. At this step, select an album or timeframe
3. Our online software will add your images automatically, and create a custom photo book for you in seconds

Don’t worry about compatibility with your iPhone, Android Samsung or Huawei device (or any other smartphone), My Social Book’s free software is online, and simply connects to your Google Photos Library to create your google photo books. Easy!
Plus, there are plenty of customization options for your creation, from cover photo designs to color schemes.

How many photos can I put in my Goohle Photos book?

If you feel like you have too many photos on your Google Photos account, but you want to document and print them all then we can help! You can have up to 450 pages (2500-3000 photos) in a single photo book so there is plenty of space for all your memories.
There are many My Social Book fans who create photo book collections to showcase their amazing photos. You can create a rainbow of photo books to sit on your bookshelf or a striped series made up of your favorite colors. Upload photos and have fun working on your book cover.
My Social Book fans often celebrate a new year with an annual yearbook to look back on the memories they’ve made, displaying them all together.

There are so many ways to tell your story. We understand that sometimes the idea of choosing and arranging a whole photo album can feel stressful, that’s why we’ve made it so easy to create a Google Photos book.
Just a few clicks is all it takes to turn your collection into a keepsake.
Try it today!

Google Photo Book is an easy and convenient way
to turn your digital memories into a personalized,
high-quality keepsake.

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