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Yearbook maker – create a memento to remember the best times

Whether you want to remember your highschool days, special moments at university, or capture your children at elementary school, My Social Book can bring all your favorite memories together in a perfect photo book.
Make a yearbook to look back at the people, places (and parties!) that were part of your school and adulthood. Even if your student days are long behind you, it is a great way to take a trip down memory lane and remember the good old days.
We make it easy to connect to your Facebook or Instagram to turn your memories into a beautiful yearbook for yourself or a friendship photobook to gift.






How to make step-by-step

  • Connect your Facebook, Google Photos or Instagram account;
  • Choose the content you’d like to use;
  • Sit back and let our software load a preview in seconds!;
  • Customize with our range of cover and color options;
  • Breeze through our checkout and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Make a keepsake of memories you’d forgotten about

You don’t just have to make a yearbook of last year, My Social Book can include more than a decade of memories in one volume!

Generate a memoir of the last decade, relive your twenties or a milestone year.

If you have a pile of prints sitting in the back of a cupboard waiting to be turned into an album why not turn them into a year? You can upload your pictures to a private Facebook album and put together a beautiful keepsake. Don’t let the memories or the moments fade, turn them into an album instead!

Select your Yearbook

Choose how you would like to commemorate your year:

Best value soft cover

Graduation pictures

Our most affordable cover option.
- Large format 20x25cm
- Softcover with a glossy finish
- Standard paper (90gsm)

Soft cover

Soft cover My Social Book

Our recommended soft cover option.
- Large format 20x25cm
- Softcover with a glossy finish
- Brighter colors and soft touch with our semi-gloss soft paper (135gsm)


Woman holding a hardcover photo book

A premium quality hardcover keepsake, perfect to display on your coffee table.
- Large format 20x25cm
- Hardcover with a glossy finish
- Brighter colors and soft touch with our semi-gloss soft paper (135gsm)

Luxury edition

Book wrapped in silk paper in a deluxe box

For special occasions and once-in-a-lifetime events, our luxury edition is the perfect gift.
- Thick hardcover with soft matte finish and ribbon bookmark
- Brighter colors and soft touch with our semi-gloss soft paper (170gsm)
- Silk paper wrapping inside a luxury gift box

What is a yearbook?

This kind of souvenir is usually produced by a highschool, or university to celebrate outgoing students on their graduation. They can also be made during middle and even elementary school. It’s tradition that is common in North America but it is gaining popularity across the world too.  

Usually put together by an editorial team, the graduating class all have pictures taken and can sometimes include a note under their photo. The tradition is to sign each other’s hardback on the last day of class. Statistics show most of people would love to have a memory from those times.

If the institution isn’t creating an official yearbook, sometimes students will produce their own to remember their time together by creating a volume full of souvenirs submitted by their class.

Personalize as much as you want

Choose your university colors, add the motto and pop a graduation picture on the cover – it’s easy to customize and personalize to make it an unofficial memento of your time. Make sure your memoir exudes your personality and matches with the theme.
Want to order multiple volumes? You can easily re-order on our website customer section!

Make a family yearbook to capture all the special moments

You don’t have to be a student to have a yearbook. One of the most popular yearbooks created with us are annual yearbooks. They’re like a round robin update for the digital age!

With so much happening in 360 days and so many amazing shots being shared on Facebook and Instagram, it can take a lot of scrolling to get through them all!

A photobook is a great way to remember the year. You can sit down with friends and family and reminisce about the year that’s been and start creating a collection to look back on.

We don’t need to remind you how quickly time passes, and this is especially true when your children are small. Making a this kind of archive an annual tradition can help document all of the early days and beyond, as they grow up and fly the nest.

Simply choose the time range you would like turned into a photobook and let our online software do the rest! We’ll organize it for you in seconds, then you just sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive in the mail.

Graduation is a big event and it’s important to mark the occasion with a great gift. A keepsake is a personal gift and a great way to remember highschool beyond the official graduation pics and yearbooks full of classmates.

University is much more than just going to class, studying and catching up on lecture notes from Blackboard. You make friends, learn a thing or two about life and maybe attend a party or two along the way…

And no American university experience would be complete without sports games, sororities and fraternities.

With so many memories made and so many adventures you’ll want to remember forever, a yearly photobook can give you a hand by effortlessly capturing the fun of your years and your years as a student. All those Facebook albums and Instagram posts can fill the pages of your keepsake and bring your highschool experience to life!

Not sure what snaps to include? Give a gift voucher so they can put together their own yearbook.

A great graduation gift, for high school or college

Made to be taken everywhere

As well as creating yearbooks for graduation, a volume full of family and friend pictures is a great gift to give to a freshman leaving the family home, especially for kids heading to another state or country to study.

Statistics show that it’s totally normal to get a little homesick when leaving home and such album is a great gift to comfort them and remind them that family and friends will always be there.

We also know that it’s uncool to have too many family pics on the wall in a dorm room or student halls. This keepsake can be subtly slotted in with textbooks and nobody needs to know it’s full of shots of parents, grandparents and friends back home!

A My Social Book yearbooks collection
An album with images from travels and food
Man holding a hardcover My Social Book

Where can I find my old yearbooks?

It can be difficult to search for them, we know. If you can’t seem to locate your highschool yearbook or never had one but want to remember your days at highschool, we can help you create one!

If you have images on your Facebook or Instagram of your student years you can select the album and turn them into a photobook yearbook.

Want to use all the pics but don’t want them to be public on your profile? You can create a private Facebook album to store all of the pictures you’d like to use for your keepsakes.

Friendship yearbooks

Celebrate the end of season and all the achievements earned with your teammates with a yearbook. Turn all the photos and social media updates into an archive to remember the games, the after-game socializing and the team bonding.

Ask team mates to submit their favorite pictures or use your Facebook fan page to include all your team updates as well as photos. Make sure to include your official team photo!

Perfect for little league teams, sports club or even the dad’s soccer team – it’s a great gift for end of season award ceremonies.

You might have an official yearbook of your high school or college (most schools give you one) but want to create one for your friendship group from your class. Take all of the pics of you and your friends from your Facebook or Instagram and turn them into a beautiful gift to show them how much they mean to you.

If you’re still the closest of friends since the first class at school, you can include all of the embarrassing baby pictures, themed birthday party shots and years you spent together in school and after school as an ongoing personal story!

We guarantee you will have hours of fun looking back at the shots you’d totally forgotten about.

These items also make great gifts for milestones birthday – fill them with all of the snaps of your friendship together, whether that’s for their 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th

The older they get, the more pictures you have to add to the yearbook!

Sports team yearbooks


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